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Silva Mist

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Image:Scroll2.png "A weapon kills. It is a tool for destruction that cannot be restrained. The hands, however, are tools for life, and these hands of mine shall give back what others would take."
- Silva Mist
Silva Mist
Date of birth476 AV (aged 47)
Place of birth--
TitleHead of the Department of the Indeviant Body
Gnosis marks

Ever kind and understanding, Silva Mist holds her position as a healer in very high regard. Her hands work wonders, and some say she was given to Alvadas by divine intervention. From the moment she took her place as the department Head, the citizens of Alvadas have seen a noticeable rise in both physical and mental health. The city of Illusions may be twisted and ever changing, but through Silva's work the minds of its citizens are just delightfully insane.


Though now beginning to enter her later years, the head of the Department of the Indeveiant Body still posses a kind of regal beauty. Her eyes are a light brown, and shine with a kind, almost motherly expression, and the woman’s dark blond hair is always tide back in a loose braid so that it does not interfere with her work.

Loose robes of white hide the woman’s rather shapely figure, and loose strands of hair often find their way into her eyes as she works diligently on one patient or another. It is not uncommon for there to be blood spattered on her white robes, or on her hands or flecked on her face, depending on if she recently came from a surgery or not. Given her career it is possible that Silva simply does not notice, or has grown use to the site of blood that its presence on her wardrobe has simply become a fact of every day life.

Laugh lines have begun to appear at the corners of the woman’s eyes and mouth, and a hint of a smile seems to always be present on the woman’s lips. Silva speaks freely when it comes to those in her care, and her authority over them is absolute. None under her care dare to disobey the word of the Department Head, and those under her authority are always quick to please her.

It is a well-known fact that Silva Mist despises all weapons of any form, and there have been instances where she is hesitant to take a scalpel in her hands to perform a necessary procedure. This behavior is strange in and of itself, but stranger still are the rumors of her carrying a sword, chained to hits scabbard, at her side from time to time. The blade itself is often kept in her office, on a pedestal behind her desk, but every once in a while the Head takes the sword on her person while on her rounds. Strangely though, she does not touch its hilt, and if questioned she never responds with a direct answer.


As her kind features say, Silva mist is a woman who takes the welfare of her patients very seriously. Her smiles come easily and are filled with her truest care for all who step within the walls of her Department. It is her belief that life is something that is precious, and that none should take it for granted. For this reason she does not allow weapons of any kind to come within her facility, and if there is no avoiding the inevitable Silva will not touch the weapon herself. This behavior has cause some to look upon her with curiosity, for the woman’s phobia for weapons seems to run deep in her veins. Within the Department of the Indeviant Body, Silva Mist is the authority. Her word is law, and all those under her care know this one, simple fact. She does not use threats, or even punishments, instead she uses the simple fact that any who comes to her are placing their lives in her hands. Those working under the Department Head understand that to disobey her orders is to put the lives of the patients at risk, and any patient who would go against her word may very well end their own lives through their foolishness. Silva is a woman of few words, often saying very little besides one or two comforting phrases to a patient, but when it comes to matters of life and death her decisions are quick and precise. Because of her, countless lives have been saved, and she is looked to as a beacon of hope when death’s bell begins to toll.

The Department Head’s despise of weapons is common knowledge, however, she is sometimes seen carrying a sword, chained to its scabbard, at her side. When touched, however tentatively, it is always on the scabbard and never the hilt. Silva often seems nervous when she carries the blade, and her moods may swing violently from several extremes. All employed in her department know that when this happens it is best to simply do what she asks quietly, and they take comfort in knowing that by the next day she will be her normal, kind and generous self once more.