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Skyglass Flower

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Skyglass Flower

Skyglass Flower
Major featuresReflect light
Most common inLhavit

Skyglass flowers are native to Lhavit; the flowers are almost entirely found within the city itself, rarely growing out in the wild due to their delicate nature. They grow in clusters of 3 - 5 directly from the ground, often in fields; they are so-named for their petals, which are thin and delicate, with a faintly crystalline texture akin to skyglass. They come in various shades and colours, pink, blue, purple, and orange being the most common. Large groupings of the flowers can be quite striking, sometimes literally; sunlight tends to reflect off of the petals at the right angle, creating a shimmering field which has temporarily blinded people on more than one occasion. Skyglass flowers are a popular decorative flora, often placed strategically to either reflect light, or to show off light passing through the petals.