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Major featuresShrub that grows small, white berries
AbilitiesMade to create Glace
Most common inLhavit

Also known as ghostberries, snowberries are not unique to Lhavit, and grow year round. However, the species that grows in and around Lhavit is slightly different from the ones that grow outside of the Misty Peaks. Small white berries, they grow on bushes in clumps; the outside is hard, while the inside is soft, granular, and crystalline. During the day they seem unremarkable, but like many of Lhavit's flora, at night the berries glow with a faint luminescence that is not present in any other variety of the berry. The berries aren't poisonous, but are hard to eat and entirely tasteless; when fermented properly, they create glace, a tasteless but strong spirit that glows brightly. Glace is a specialty at the Obsidian Club, used to make their signature glowing cocktails.