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Sousa Dawn

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Sousa Dawn
Date of birth470 AV (aged 53)
Place of birthLhavit
TitleMatriarch of the Dawn Family

Sousa Dawn is the current matriarch of the Dawn Family. The Dawn Family has learned to steady their minds and keep their wits about them through extensive meditation, and Sousa is certainly no different. Daughter to the former Patriarch Rieje Dawn, she took over as Matriarch due to the lack of a male heir and has since guided her family along the honorable and forthright path.


Sousa is a master of all four elements, as well as the para-elements. She can be strict, especially when it comes to discipline, as she understands the consequences of using such unstable magic and takes her position very seriously. Still, she can also be incredibly kind and is notoriously maternal. She also has a fondness for elegant perfume and avidly plays stringed instruments, most of all the violin.


Sousa is elegant, standing at 5'6" and weighing in about roughly 130 pounds. She is usually adorned in rich fabrics ranging from peach to gold to white. Her hair is red, just shy of auburn and is usually styled with into an elaborate bun, with the rest falling just below her mid-back. She is a slender lady, despite her age and the children she's had. Her complexion is clean, with creamy skin and verdant green eyes.