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Storyteller Secrets

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Storyteller Secrets (SS) is the thread that a Storyteller will keep on an individual player that houses all that specific player's secret information. For example, if a character is given a mysterious cloak by a figure, that character might not know what the cloak does or any magical properties the cloak might have. A storyteller will record the cloak, what its stats are, and who the figure was that gifted the cloak in a secret thread so only the other storytellers can see. Thus later, when a character is trying to figure out what the cloak does... or uses it in another Storyteller's thread, that new storyteller will know immediately what the example cloak is and they can help the player character discover what its properties are.

Only Storytellers can read or access Storyteller Secrets! Hence the name. They keep secrets from PCs!

Characters are encouraged to place a link to their Storyteller Secrets (SS) thread in their Control Panel linkbox (under profile) just below where their Character Sheets link goes. This is so that storytellers can easily access the link - look up the information - then utilize the abilities of the cloak or help the character discover who the mysterious person was in later threads if necessary. Feel free to request things be added to your character's storyteller secrets link. Normal characters will not be able to view the SS threads as they are really character notes kept for Storytellers by Storytellers. If a player knows what is in their SS threads in game, they can feel free to add any of that information (again, say they discover the abilities the magic cloak has - or want to add a companion NPC that is also listed in their SS thread) to their Character Sheets (CS).

Storyteller Secrets should include the following:

  • Curses
  • Gifts
  • NPCs and their Stats
  • Unique Quest Items
  • Unique Pets
  • Anything outside of ordinary.