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Suit of Shiftweave

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A Suit of Shiftweave - This stretchy bodysuit is made of shiftweave, a magical material that can absorb other items of clothing, store their 'look' in itself, and change to whatever looks are stored within the suit. All a wearer must do is wear the suit, place a full set of clothing on over it, and speak the word 'Tresvault' which means 'remember' in the old tongue. Then, the wearer can remove their clothing, and don a new set, repeating this action up to five times. Once the word is spoken, the outfit is 'stored' within the suit and the original clothing can be removed. The drawback to the suit of shiftweave is that once five outfits have been selected the selection cannot be changed.


Contest Prize
heightThe Catchup Weekend ChallengeGossamer awards the challenge winners.