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Svarra Coolwater

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Svarra Coolwater

Keeper of the Lighthouse
Date of birth486 AV (aged 37)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleCartographer and Lighthouse Keeper
Sea Navigation54
Gnosis marks


Svarra is a short and slender woman. She spends most of her time indoors drawing maps so her skin is quite pale and her body is rather unathletic despite her slenderness. She has a kind face though she rarely smiles when she is not in Haegran’s presence. Svarra tends to wear her black hair loose where it reaches the middle of her back.


Svarra is a very friendly woman but she is also very serious. She greets all guests cordially though it is difficult to get to know her since she tends to act very formally around people she doesn’t know well. She is highly protective of her maps and would immediately ask any who acted carelessly around them to vacate the premises. If on the rare chance someone were to be around her when Haegran was also around they notice a marked change in Svarra. When her beloved companion is around Svarra is much more willing to open up and laughs easily.


Svarra Coolwater was born in Avanthal in the Spring of 486 AV and received her first mark of Morwen not long after. Her father was a Coolwater fisherman and her mother was a Skyglow charcoal artist. Both Svarra and her mother would accompany her father out on his boat while he went on fishing trips. Her mother would use charcoal to create beautiful pictures of the coastline and the sea while Svarra practiced at her feet with a charcoal nub and scrap paper. When she ran out of room to scribble she would help her father sail the boat and navigate. Svarra loved hearing about the stars and which were important for finding shore again so as she grew older she decided to put the small artistic talent she inherited from her mother to use making maps.

When Svarra came of age she was married to Klaryn, a young Coolwater sailor. Klaryn encouraged Svarra’s mapmaking efforts and used many of her early creations himself. Svarra was happy with her new husband and worked on her drawing skills until she was employed full time as a Cartographer for the Coolwater Hold. One particularly stormy night in spring, Klaryn’s boat crashed into an ice flow and all aboard were drowned. So after only four years of marriage, Svarra was left a widow. She disliked the loudness of Coolwater Hold while she grieved, and so she volunteered to live at the lighthouse with the elderly caretaker. Several years after moving in, the caretaker passed away and Svarra became the permanent caretaker and Morwen awarded her a second mark for dedicating her life to service of Avanthal. She enjoyed living on the coast in the lighthouse and spent her time making maps of the stars and currents. All the time alone made the Vantha lonely, but she soon found companionship in a newly arrived Kelvic, Haegran. Svarra and Haegran split up the day into two shifts. Svarra oversaw the lighthouse during the day and Haegran during the night. Since one was usually sleeping during the other’s shift the two only get to spend the dusk and dawn hours together in quiet conversation.