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Swyph Quercus

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Swyph Quercus
Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthKalinor


Swyph's attitude can change as quickly as his form, but it doesn't take long for one to realize the cold lack of empathy that radiates from him. Due to a vocal cord infection suffered at a young age, Swyph lost most of his ability to speak much louder than a whisper and would be considered by most to be mute--but he is a skilled hypnotist and can communicate well enough through impulse and persuasion in the minds of others. Swyph is a prominent figure in the Nest; he works to calm surrogates by assuming forms of loved ones plucked from their minds in an attempt to make their short lives in Kalinor more comfortable. He is an astute observer with no scruples when it comes to unabashed impersonation of others.

He is one of the few to have approached the Orphine Witch regarding her mind's grip on the arcane, though speaks little about her. She gifted him with insight, the art of meditation and morphing: changing one's form at will. His obsession with controlling surrogates--who cared little for sweet lies, when their lovers planted death in their bellies--grew into an unshakeable fixation with hypnotism magic. It took years for the boy to grow into a man and master his twin disciplines, at the expense of his mind.


Swyph is tall and thin, often having to slouch or duck to manoeuvre himself about the Nest without injury. An unkempt mane of silver-white hangs over his ears; his eyes are small and narrow and red; he often wears simple clothing, a white silk robe and slippers; and his skin is scarred in several places where flesh and djed have refused each other.