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Date of birth491 AV (aged 32)
Place of birthMura
Gnosis marks

Sya is a child by Konti standards, and a very gullible one too. While she didn’t pick her profession yet, she enjoys watching people and trying to predict what they will do. Her natural curiosity and recklessness has caused her to do small deeds for Norozia Ulvalin here and there. Soon Sya became her regular spy and messenger, her sweet and innocent-looking child weapon. Norozia is her role model, she wants to learn from her and looks up to her in every regard. Because Norozia’s behavior was distant and cold when they first met, Sya was instantly fascinated. Basically she is a quick learner and excels in studying new things and gathering new experience. She especially loves challenges and taking risks, something that her little jobs provide plentiful of. Although she doesn’t realize it, she’s a bit of a manipulator too, showing much talent and promise for the future. Her relatives and neighbors are worried about her, but Sya herself is convinced that her life is happy and rich.


Most would describe her as dexterous and wiry. She has a knack for working with her hands and can often be seen tinkering in her free time. Her hair is pale alabaster and white, her eyes are the shade of bleached moss in the sun. While they are exceptionally large, the rest of her face is petite in comparison which creates an unbalance in her features that others often describe as child-like or innocent. Contrary to Konti standards, she does not look younger than she is, causing other sisters to take her for older.


Sya's Appearances
heightThe Dream-Shaped Shadow I - First DeceitSya volunteers to help find the lost sister Nel'vira in Sahova.
heightWhispered WordsSya plays a game with Blythe to make her stronger.