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Syna Tag

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Players: 2 and up


  • If caught in a shadow more than five times a player is officially out.
  • No shoving
  • No tripping

Basic Info: Light Chasers is a simplex game for the younger children and played a little like freeze tag, the shadows (along with one Jamoura) being ‘it’. The whole idea of the game is not to fall off the petal while simultaneously avoiding the shadows (and other people present) as well as the person who is ‘it’. Basically, chasing each other and hoping from light space to light space.

If a person is caught in a shadow space they must freeze until a person who is ‘it’ unfreezes them or a fellow player with a quick tap on the shoulder.

Generally speaking it gives young Jamoura a sense of balance while moving about on the petals and teaches them to watch their surroundings.

How to become ‘it’: Tagging a person or if the person who is ‘it’ unfreezes a shadowed player that player is now ‘it’.