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Image:Scroll2.png "Sssuprising, how at peace the jungle iss even with my brethren and the Myrianss sso closse to war..."
- Tatssissorano
RaceDhani (Rattler)
Date of birth295 AV (aged 228)
Place of birthThe Spires
TitleDhani Witch of Falyndar
Animal Husbandry58
Gnosis marks

Living far in seclusion, Ssorano's presence in the Jungle was simply a fate she could not resist. Brought from the northern forest by a desire to experience life as it was in the early days of Dhani culture, Ssorano found Falyndar becoming her home, the only place she ever wanted to be, and although she does not follow Siku as devoutly as her Constrictor brethren, she still feels some sort of familial tie to them. Her first marking from Caiyha was the subterranean biome, which eventually drew her to Zinrah, and decades later she was visited by the Grandmother of her race to receive her second mark and the biomes of Oceanic Islands and the Tropical Forest in which she now dwells. This eventually drew her out of the winding caverns of Zinrah and to the coast of Falyndar, somewhere between the thick jungle and temptress that is the Ocean is where Ssorano now feels the most at home. One may find her at the southernmost point of Falyndar, far from Myrians as a whole.


In human form Ssorano is a pale lithe female, with simple, yet striking features, prominent brows and a calculating stare. The clothes she wears are worn and loose, usually covering little and proudly displaying her Phylonura back which curls down her spine, slowly spreading across her back as she gains more marks. In Dhani form Ssorano has a mottled hide of browns and dull greens which allows for some phenonmenal camouflage in the jungle, these same colors displayed in her larger snake form as well.


Being a Dhani Witch in a land often scoured by Myrians, Ssorano's life has not been the easiest despite not having to worry about the dangers of the flora and fauna surrounding her. Her location keeps her from most trouble, but more than once the Dhani Witch has had run ins with the White Rapid clan. Because of her long lifespan, not all encounters Ssorano has had with Myrians have been hostile, sometimes able to keep her tell tale sibilant speech hidden to avoid trouble. This is not to say Ssorano is a Myrian sympathizer in any way shape or form, and has killed more than a few, but over time the Dhani's nature has become one that would rather be at peace and one with the world around her than constantly seek vengeance and death.