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New Beginnings - it's never too late for them.
TitleThe Spring King
DomainSpring, Fertility, New Beginnings, Competition
Divine rank3
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Tavasi is the God of Spring, fertility and new beginnings. As such he takes the Triquetra as his symbol, a triangle with a three hooped leaf knotwork pattern in it. Residing in Karjin year round, the only time Tavasi ventures forth is when spring bursts forth across Mizahar and causes him to evacuate his mild climate city and walk the world much like Morwen does on her seasonal winter walkabout. One of the more steady seasonal gods, Tavasi moves through the world refreshing it after Morwen's period of rest. He infuses the whole of everything living with refreshing ideas, new energies, and fertility causing all the life in the world to burst anew. The son of Kihala, Tavasi has a lessor form of her power, paving the way for his Mother's life to infuse that which is currently barren.

Tavasi has a very high energy personality. He is constantly on the move, and tends to not be able to stick to one topic when conversing with people. His city, Karjin, is built around his power being known as the Craftsman's Headquarters and a place of innovation and experimentation. He keeps pouring his energy into his people, keeping his Suvan Sea port city happy and healthy though a place of constant competition and innovation.

Tavasi appears as a man of late twenties or early thirties. He always has piercing green eyes though his hair can vary from sandy blond to black to even a bright green when the world matches his seasonal domain. He does not mind interacting with mortals and finds them fascinating creatures. However, one of the byproducts of his personality is the ability to infuse competition in to all his followers. They are highly motivated and highly driven to create more elaborate products from whatever profession they follow.



Tavasi's Appearances
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