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Tavin Wind Eagles

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Koyl and Astrid

Astrid and Koyl are a mated pair of Wind Eagles bonded to the Tavin of the city, Yoletta and Rhyon respectively. The eagles are like two peas in a pod, rarely if ever seen separate from each other. The story of how they met is a bit of a mystery, but rumor has it that Astrid witnessed one of Koyl's daring stunts in his youth and was so impressed she just had to have him. Their riders met not long after, and eventually married under Cheva. Astrid and Koyl have produced several clutches of wind eagle chicks together, many of whom bonded to well known endal themselves.

Astrid is a chipper old wind eagle, always up for a good conversation, and is well respected among the eagles and Inarta alike. She is quite the gossip, and always knows what is going on in the city, and among the eagles. She loves a good story, especially if it involves a bit of romance and adventure, and has at times been accused of somehow listening in on the private telepathic conversations between other eagles and their riders.

Koyl is boastful and adventurous, much like his Endal, and is in tip top shape for an eagle of his age. While young wind eagles might be able to outperform him out of sheer physical ability, few possess the honed experience Koyl has earned over years of flying with his rider. Koyl loves to show off, and loves to watch others show off. He thinks he is the luckiest eagle in Wind Reach to have Astrid as his mate, and there are few who would deny him. Other eagles come to Koyl when seeking advice on many things, whether it be how to win the hearts of the ladies, or how to perform the most impressive stunts. Koyl answers them all with the enthusiasm of an eagle half his age.