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Date of birth469 AV (aged 54)
Place of birthWind Reach
Body Building22


Tawn is a classic Dek. There is nothing much wrong with him besides his strange appearance. Other than that he is a normal Inarta, but because of the extreme prejudice of his peers Tawn was placed into the Dek Caste at 15. No matter how hard the boy tried to avoid his fate, he turned out to be a bit slow and could never really rise above and prove himself. He takes it pretty personally and has a burning hatred for those above his Caste and finds most other Dek disgusting and ragged. However he is just like them. He does not operate well under control and this has resulted in many beatings and broken bones. Yet he has persevered.


Tawn is blonde, which initially set him apart from his peers as a Yasi. He is also darker skinned than many Inarta as well. This is what placed him in line to become a Dek. He is a large man with a large frame and large muscles, though he is similar height to his Inarta brothers. His hair is long and ratted and he always seems dirty, despite his rude claims of despising other Dek due to their disgusting nature. Scars are a common sight on his body due to many severe beatings from upper Caste members teaching the Dek a lesson.


Because of his Caste placement Tawn is an angry and large man. He looks down on not only the Castes above him, believing that they do not deserve their placement more than he, but also on his fellow Dek. He shares the same sentiment towards them that many Avora and Endal do. Tawn is a bit slow and he does not realize that is the root of his problems besides his appearance. He believes he was simply wronged and hates everyone even remotely involved. This has lead to a lonely and angry life.

--Emergence 04:48, 20 September 2016 (UTC)