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Te'ran Frostfawn

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Te'ran Frostfawn

More than just a rider
Date of birth488 AV (aged 35)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleHorse Breeder and Trainer
Animal Husbandry36
Wilderness Survival33
Unarmed Combat44
Gnosis marks


In 488 AV, Te'ran was born to two Frostfawns. Like most of the other children in his Hold, he was shown the interests of each of his parents. By the time he was 7, Te'ran had began to spend a great deal of his time in the stables, accompanying his mother as she tended to the horses. From her, Te'ran learned how to care for horses. He was taught how much water they needed, what their favorite foods were and how much they needed to eat, how to groom them, how to tell certain breeds apart from another, and so on and so forth.

When Te'ran turned 8, his mother started to teach him how to ride the horses he had grown so fond of taking care of and learning about. At first he struggled, partially because of his height and inability to reach the stirrups, and partially because he didn't truly wish to learn. Not because he didn't want to spend time with the horses, or learning of his mother's talents and interests, but because he felt bad for the horses. He didn't think it right that they should be forced to carry humans and their belongings, or that they should be whipped if they misbehaved or were unruly. Even so, he eventually got the hang of it, and became a fair rider.

A few years later, Te'rans father began to take him out with him whenever he went for a hunt, and the boy began to learn of that, as well as trapping and surviving in the wilderness. He learned how to build a fire, and set up a tent, as how to take them down properly when they were no longer necessary. He trained with his father in the art of fighting without a weapon, as well, and grew to be far more skilled with that than with hunting. Something he claims has to do with his desire to leave all animals unharmed. But anyone who knows him knows that he struggles to pass up a juicy looking caribou burger.

A few years later, upon turning 20, Te'rans mother showed him the last of the things he had to learn about horses- their mating rituals, and how to get them to breed with one another. And of course, how to deliver a foul once it was born. He studied under her for another few years, until he had learned everything he needed to. At which point, he went off on his own, in order to prove himself. Since leaving his studies behind, Te'ran has bred several horses for the Frostfawn, and several for the people of Avanthal to sell to outsiders.

Even though they have only met a handful of times, Te'ran looks up to Kayin Frostfawn, who has on occasion, shown the boy techniques on how to grow better with his work, and who has also, shown his appreciation for Te'ran's work in the stables and breeding horses. It is Te'ran's hope that he one day, grows to be as skilled as his Hold's leader, for, as of the time being, he is only one of the best at what he does, not the best.

Physical Description

Te'ran stands at about five feet and six inches tall. He weighs 178 pounds, and has olive-colored skin. He has medium-sized, almond shaped eyes, which tend to be a deep, emerald green color. His face is neither truly round, or truly ovular, with fairly high cheekbones. It is framed by short, wavy, black hair with the occasional emerald green streak. His nose is on the larger side, and seems to jump out of the center of his face. His lips, on the other hand, are so slender that they appear as though they may sink into his mouth at any moment, and never come back.

Te'ran is relatively muscular, and will often show this off if it is warm enough, by wearing tunics with shorter sleeves. If he is going out, he will wear several layers, in order to keep warm. He has arms of an average length and width; seemingly proportionate to his body in every which way and form. His hands are of an average size, and are rather worn- covered in several patches of split, dry skin, calluses, and fine black hairs from his hard work in the stables. His legs are on the shorter side, taking up about the same portion of his body as his torso.


Te'ran is a rather lively individual, who oftentimes, struggles to keep his mouth shut. He is overflowing with energy, and may almost always be found out in the wastes hunting, or running through the stables tending to one thing or another. One always knows when he is in the stables because he may often be convinced to carry several bales of hay to empty stalls, as well as pails of fresh water for the "less able" female Frostfawn. Although this is a nice gesture, and Te'ran generally likes helping out, he fails to remember that he is not all that well built, and that although he has a lot of energy, he does get worn out, just like everyone else. Thus, he is often left panting, and gasping for breath by the time the day is done, and he has completed favors for every female Frostfawn who asks.