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Terras Clan

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Terras Clan

Terras Clan: A Woman's Rule
Lifespan200 years
Major featuresPale blue skin veined in silver, purple metallic/amethyst arms
AbilitiesNightvision, dense flesh and bone, innate crafting ability
PopulationAround 2,000
Most common inPrimarily in the mountains of Kalea, Terras Clan Citadel
ReputationSmiths, Powerful Women
Racial godsIzurdin, God of Strength, Patience and Industry

The Terras Clan is the only Isur clan that has been traditionally led by females. Those born to the founding family and its descendants are almost always female. Thus throughout the ages, the daughters of Terras have led the clan. Members of the Terras clan, male or female, are found performing a variety of tasks throughout the Isurian Kingdom. They also tend to possess a natural skill for smithing that often surpasses that of other Isur and their work can be found in all of the Isur citadels. Though males do of course exist in the Terras clan, they almost always married into the clan as a rare few are born.



The Terras clan was founded by Lady Tylil Terras Sultros, a member of the first generation of Isur and sister to the first Lord Sultros. Tylil was responsible for the forging of the fabled, Anvil of Creation, an item created using Izentor, Izurdin's gnosis. Her smithing skill combined with her four marks from Izurdin, granted the Anvil a piece of her soul. From this artifact, some of the greatest wonders of isurian creation were made including may elements used in the construction of the first city of Izurith. Lady Tylil was responsible for teaching two generations of isur in the smithing arts and ensured that the crafting arts were passed on throughout the history of the isur. Lady Tylil also stood out from her brethren physically as her blood red arm gradually shifted hues until it was more of a purple color.

Lady Tylil was a strong woman both in body and in spirit. While isurian society has always valued strength regardless of gender, woman were not always considered complete equals by the men. It wasn't until Lady Tylil began specifically choosing women to teach her smithing techniques that things began to change. Tylil held a place of extreme honor among the isur for her connection to Izurdin and her crafting of the Anvil of Creation. Those who were chosen to learn from her were seen as being important and holding special qualities above others. The first generation of women who studied under Tylil, regardless of clan, found their arms slowly changing color to that of various hues of purple. Viewed by the other isur as a sign from Izurdin, the changing of arm color in women other than Tylil caused the, then known as, Council of Nine, to formally name a new clan in the eyes of Izurdin. The Terras clan was born.

Following the birth of the Terras clan, another sign of Izurdin's blessings became apparent. Nearly all children born to Terras women are female with only a small handful of males being born since the clans creation. Because of this, the clan has never grown to great proportions and Terras women are very selective of their mates. The purity of their clan is of utmost importance; an idea passed down from Lady Tylil herself. The idea is that the gift from Izurdin to Tylil and her first students was meant for the best of the race's women. Thus only the most talented, strongest, patient and most devout men are chosen by Terras women as mates. This strict decree set forth by Tylil is believed by some historians to be part of the mental breakdown she suffered from fracturing her soul all too often through Izentor use.

During the Valterrian and the destruction of the first city, the Anvil of Creation was lost with nearly everything else. However, one artifact, crafted by Tylil with Izentor, was rescued. An amulet, baring the fractured soul of Tylil itself, was taken during the fall of Izurith and brought with the isur in their forced migration. The amulet, known as the Eye of Tylil is so exquisite in its quality, it can blind all non-Terras isur who gaze upon it. As it possesses the piece of Tylil within it, the Eye is intelligent and possesses all of the memories that Tylil possessed up to the Eye's creation. Unfortunately, the Eye has not chosen to communicate with anyone since the Valterrian.

Vital Statistics

Physical Appearance

Like the rest of their race, Terras Isur tend to be short, tallest of five feet. They are very fit with a muscular build that makes them more imposing that their height would otherwise dictate. Unlike other Isur however, there are currently no blooded Terras males in the clan. The only males in the clan are from other clans who have married into it. Their skin is very dense as is their bones making them heavier than their stature would otherwise dictate. Their skin carries a slight blue tint with raised silver veins running across it. Like all Isur, those of the Terras clan keep their hair short and those with longer hair almost always tie it back.

The Terras right arm is denser in skin and bone than the rest of their body and is colored purple; appearing as amethyst gems or metal streaked with silver veins, these arms are divine in origin as they are in themselves, the first gnosis mark of Izurdin. Dense enough and baring an iron grip, their hand and arm is capable of shaping metal and carving stone and wood. While not ones to shy away from physical combat, Terras isur prefer to avoid unnecessary physical altercations if they can employ other methods of solving the problem.

Traits, Outlook and Values, Etc.

While sharing traits common to all Isur, those of the Terras clan are also strongly feminist in their outlook. To them, women can always do things better than men. Thus, all levels of clan government and business is ran by women. Families are also matriarchal with the women having the final say in family matters. Terras isur are highly loyal to their clan; a loyalty that sometimes creates conflict when dealing with other clans. The Terras clan as a whole is very devout and serve Izurdin above all other deities. It is not unknown for Terras isur to possess marks from other gods and goddesses although Izurdin is first and foremost as his gnosis is what made the clan what it is today.

Everyday life for a Terras Isur includes great amounts of time spent in the forge or in pursuit of other crafts. Terras isur may also be a little mentally unstable at times due to their constant use of Izentor in the crafting of their work. This is usually only found in those who possess two or more marks from Izurdin.