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Thaporros Nonkal

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Thaporros Nonkal
Date of birth339 AV (aged 184)
Place of birthCyphrus
TitleOwner of Silver Lake Lodge
Hand-To-Hand Combat72
Wilderness Survival23
Gnosis marks

Having grown up at a small village near Riverfall, Thaporros knows what it means to live in harmony with nature and has stayed true to that principle his whole life long. During his travels through Mizahar and while learning from various masters the art forms of hand-to-hand combat, he also visited Mura and fell in love with a young Timandre girl. However, her family didn’t approve of their business plan and so they had to develop the Silver Lake Lodge without any help from others. He might appear fierce and stern at first sight, but is very kind and understanding on the inside. Sometimes his second, violent Akalak personality touches the surface of his consciousness, causing him to feel angry and destructible for no reason – then he usually wanders away from the Lake, deep into the north of Konti Isle and returns when he has calmed down again. He is very glad that Kalai understands his weakness and need to be alone for a few days and returns her love by caring for and listening to her.