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The Broken Spear

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Image:Scroll2.png "My spear maybe broken. But my spirit will never be."
- Broken Spear Proverb

The Broken Spear clan are a clan that produces warriors and hunters. It is said that they are the Tempered Steels oldest rivals. The Broken Spear are known for their fierce attitude and straightforward mindsets and for their Tattoos of a spear, broken at the tip, that goes up the side of the Rib cage, left for males, Right for Females. Though smaller than the Tempered Steel, they are considered equal in their contribution of soldiers to the Taloban Army.


Clan Lands

The Broken Spear maintains its presence right outside of Taloba's Military Barracks, and many of the clan joke that the barracks themselves are actually their clan lands.


Much like the Tempered Steel, the Broken Spear clan’s members look to spend their lives in service of the Taloban army. Though crafters are a rare thing in the clan it is not impossible. They are considered to be the Tempered Steels main rival through the amount of soldiers and their longevity in the army.


In the Broken Spear the children, of appropriate age 11-13 are taken out into the jungle and are required to find their way back. However, they are sent out into the jungle with a specific task. To kill a beast of note and bring back proof. They are sent as a group, anywhere between 3 and 5 people, with an adult to make sure the beast is killed. They have a total of three days to track the beast, kill it and bring back something to show for it.


The Broken Spear dates back before the Valterrian, when they were known as the Bloody Spear. They were one of the first clans to join Myri’s side. Led by a group of two men and two women, they had seen the power and drive that Myri possessed. They fought along her side, destroying many smaller clans they became known as Myri’s Vanguard. Some of the clan had even rose up to become Myri’s personal guard. Their numbers grew vast as the conquest went on and they, like every other tribe, aided in the building of Taloba.

After the Valterrian, the clans numbers had dropped sharply. Many had died out in the wilderness around Taloba as the destruction happened. Most of those who survived were inside the city of Taloba. As they attempted to rebuild the clan, the Matriarchs had decide to change the clans name to remember the hard time that had fallen on them. Now named the Broken Spear, they continue to rebuild and fight for Myri. Showing that even if their weapons are broken that their spirits are not.

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