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The Jagged Blade

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Image:Scroll2.png "The quality, sharpness, or straightness matters not. As long as the blade finds it foe."
- Miha, Myri's eldest daughter and earliest war leader.



The Jagged Blade began with Myri's eldest child, Miha. It has stayed strong since then despite the almost over bearing expectations they put on their clan. Due to the stricntess and forthright dediction of the clan, their numbers remain relatively small, Usually hitting at around 70-80 members at any given time.

Mhave crafted elegant tales about how the clan received it names. The clan itself keeps a detailed written record on a stone slab in the middle of the clans territory. On this slabs rest "The Jagged Blade" as well as the story whick reads:

"There in the shadows stood a tall and frightening figure. Its shadow seemed like an endless ocean spread across the village. It was a woman of frightening power. She stood there covered head to toe in blood. With a single broken, distorted, and dull sword in her hand. Strwn around her lay no less than twenty warriors. Slaughter and destroyed they lie there as she breathed heavily. They had insulted her mother and had paid the price. Not a single one could even lay a scratch on the fearsome figure.

She stood there holding the weapon, and as she turned she looked over at a boy staring into her eyes. "The quality, sharpness, or straightness matters not. As long as the blade finds it foe." She said as she walked off into the distance carrying what became known as "The Jagged Blade". From then on she was not know simply as Miha, Daughter of Myri, but Miha, The Jagged Blade."

While many claim this as a false tale, still others make their own even more dramatic embellishments upon it. The clan believes this to be the truth. There's is a clan born from legends and blood, why should this tale be anything but real?


In line with Myrian belief men are always ranked lower than women in the Jagged Blade, however there are some exceptions where they can pass higher than they might ordinarily. One such exception is a male who has received his tiger stripes within four years of completing his coming to age ceremony. The clan is not above placing you where you justly belong, but in general and for most circumstances warrior women come first. Next on this ranking is women specialists in any profession they coose, followed by male warriors and male specialists.

The Clan likes to boast about the warriors they create being the best. As being a representative of Miha they are expected to live up to such qualities, and as such have very strict rules and rituals they preform.

1. All Members of the Clan will train in weapons extensively even if poor in skill.

2. The warriors of the clan come first above all else. While you are allowed to choose your own path, The clan reveres its warriors. This isn't to say they treat their forgers, traders, mages, or tailors badly. They will just always come second to warriors. (An example would be if a warrior wanted to buy a pendant and a weapons forger wanted to buy it as well. The warrior would automatically have first choice to it.)

3. At age 15 one must decide their path: Warrior,hunter, forger,trader,mage(Malediction), tailor. A hunter is considered on par with one who chooses the path of warrior/ soldier, and are treated no differenlty for this choice.

This is where the split in rituals and rules begin. If you choose to become anything that is not a warrior your rules end here. Warriors and Hunters on the hand have expectations.

1. You must gain your stripes within four years of completing your ceremony. This is preformed as a ritual. Green paint is put on you and will where off in four years, or be replaced by your stripes. While not getting your stripes in four years does not disqualify you as a warrior. Completing this brings you to the highest level of respect in the clan. While not completing it does leave you with green paint marks. These marks just go to show you are still striving to do something better.

3. By age 40 you should have mastered well over 4 different fighting styles.

4. All successful male warriors will eventually be paired with a female counter part/leader. This is to encourage stonger blood and a higher chance of their children also becoming warriors to further Myri's grand vision. Female warriors are encouraged both to select prime males from within the Jagged Blade and to seek out potent males outside of the Jagged Blade to strengthen the clan as a whole.


The Jagged Blade worship Myri above all as all Myrians do. Not just as their God, but also as a mother, due to the heritage of their clan. Second, they worship Dira the goddess of death in hopes that they may end their foes life swiftly and precisely. Lastly, while they do not worship her they revere and respect Miha, and as such place the great expectations that they do on their warriors as to not disappoint her.

Current Members

Jagged Blade NPCs
MishaWar Leader, on the Council of Nine