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The Raging Fires

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The Raging Fires


The Raging Fires rose up after the Valterrian. They claim that their very souls were wrapped in the fires of the disaster and given to Myri as a gift from Kihala. Known for their legendary fire dancing and instrument talent. Myri put them in charge of the Festivals celebration. The Raging Fires have enhanced many things about the Myrians culture. From chants and circles around a fire to the banging of war drums. The Raging Fire has expanded and given birth to knew arts. The primitive circles has become extravagant dances with torches and staffs a light with the fire. The chants turning into songs and the drums now bang along with strings. Their stories are heard throughout Taloba and most are known to be true. Though they are masters of their art the Raging Fire is not a pushover. They possess a fighting style known to them and them alone. Myri is rumored to be the only person outside of the clan to use this style.

Treatment of Outsider

Outsiders are usually captured and used as slaves. Often practice for the younger Myrians of the clan who are training in the clans unique fighting style. If the outsider resist the capture. The Raging Fire are known to shove a torch down their throats still burning.

Rituals, Trials, and Beliefs

Dance upon Fire: The coming of age trial for the Raging Fire differs from most clans. The children are made to do a a fire dance upon hot coals. The dance is made to show both older and younger Myrians the pride and passion that the clan has. The coals to show teach them the hard journey that they must walk. To keep their clans culture as well as the Myrian culture ablaze and serve their gods in the process.

Death: Death is treated the same as most clans. The dead is burned upon a pyre. However the direct family of the dead will perform one last dance for them to help guide them to Dira and bring them back to Taloba with their souls burning with the passion they held before.

Syna: Syna is praised not only for the gifts she gives to the Myrians. But also for the warmth and her symbol. Many of the Raging Fire, once they pass their coming of age, have a tattoo marking the fire in the sky that is Syna.

Kihala: One of the few clans who offer up more praise to Kihala then Dira. The Raging Fires believe that it was Kihala who brought their ancestors to Myri and put their burning souls into cycle. They offer her praise in a festival in their territory outside of Taloba.