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The Shroud

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The Shroud

Vayt's Children - All Gathered.
Most common inMizahar Wide
ReputationCarriers of Blight
Faction godsVayt
StrongholdThe Kilvarn

The Shroud is a faction of men and women that worship Vayt, either willingly or involuntarily. They are one and all carriers of Blight - a virtually incurable disease that does not physically effect the carrier but can cause diseases present in the population to suddenly flourish oftentimes unchecked. These mysterious Vayt worshipers are often mentally effected by their 'carrier' status and tend to find joy and delight in discovering new diseases - both to study and spread. They are particularly interested in ancient, archaic, and manufactured artificial illnesses. They've been known, as well, to summon and take familiars in hopes of discovering off world aliments. The Shroud pride themselves in blending into civilization perfectly. They come from all races, sexes, and ages.



Maintaining Membership