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Tomaan Iceglaze

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Tomaan Iceglaze

You won't get past me
Date of birth479 AV (aged 44)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleWarden of Svanhildur
Unarmed Combat50
Gnosis marks


Tomaan was raised in Iceglaze Hold by his father Sa'an, the Sulnara of the Skyglow branch and warden of Avanthal's prison, Svanhildur. His mother died giving birth to him so Sa'an was challenged to raised his only son on his own. While he received a good amount of help from the hold, he still was unsure as to the correct way to bring up a child. For this reason, Tomaan was raised quite strictly due to his father's occupation. Sa'an only knew how to control prisoners, not children.

Growing up, Tomaan was a well mannered boy. He played just as the other Vantha children did but he was more cautious. His father had burned a fear of punishment into him from an early age and while the other boys enjoyed playing the occasional prank, he tended to shy way from mischief. He knew that being left out and not playing was better than being reprimanded by his father.

As Tomaan reached his adult years he started to calm a bit. While he would never go out of his way to break rules, he was not as scared as he had once been. During this time Tomaan's father was preparing him for an important task. The honor of taking over Sa'an's position at Svanhildur as the head warden and leader of the Skyglow branch of Icewatch. Tomaan knew that his father's position would someday become his own and he saw it as an honor. He trained daily, honing his skills so he could be strong enough to keep watch over the prison.

At the age of thirty Tomaan was appointed the warden of Svanhildur and Sulnara of the Skyglow branch when his father became too frail to keep his position. From that day on Tomaan would stand as the warden of Svanhildur. Detaining the worst of Avanthal, just as his father had done before him.

Physical Description

Tomaan is tall for a Vantha, standing at about 5'10. He keeps his dark hair short, never growing past his ears. His eyes normally shine a shocking ice blue but they will change with his emotions. Normally they stay a constant color which is in a great deal thanks to his mark from Gnora. His left arm has beautiful patterns etched beneath the skin, a sign of Gnora's gift to him.

Normally, Tomaan can be found dressed somewhat warmly. He tends to dress mostly in furs and leathers since Svanhildr is completely made out of ice. Clothing styles matter little to him. In his opinion whatever keeps him warm his what he will wear.

Tomaan is muscular and although one can rarely see this through his thick clothing, it is clear to tell by looking at him that he is a well built man.


From a first glance, Tomaan seems a bit cold. He does not tend to show a lot of emotion. He is very quiet when he is on his own but when a prisoner steps out of line he is the last person you want crossing your path. His punishments are fierce and sever for those who refuse to conform to Svanhildur's rules. In his eyes, if one finds themselves in his prison they do not have a right to act out.

He is a very strong believer in justice and will fight to defend Avanthal's to the death. Tomaan is a dedicated member of Icewatch and often serves as a calming and rationale voice when the Sulnara's meet with the Vantiguida to discuss important Icewatch business.

Apart from his time in Svanhildur, when one can find Tomaan away from his duties they will find he is actually quite kind. He likes to keep his work persona and his out of work persona separate. It is for this reason if one befriends him he prefers they never visit him while he is working.