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Date of birth468 AV (aged 55)
Place of birthRavok
TitlePoacher of the Spires
Unarmed Combat78
Weapon (Blowgun)56
Wilderness Survival89
Gnosis marks


Torkatch stands at five foot nine. He is thin, but muscular. Long, black hair halts abruptly middle back and is usually littered with bones or feathers, if not both. A necklace made of an assortment of teeth hangs proudly around his neck. Scars dance on his bare torso, some old and white and others red and puckered angrily. Hunting leathers cover the rest of him and shoes made of hide keep his feet silent. He is never far from his blowgun or the other assortment of weapons he uses.


Confident and determined, Torkatch is not an individual to cross. He comes off as very intimidating. Secrets are not appreciated, though the man himself holds plenty close. Grudges are remembered and promises are kept. The man obviously calculates every move he makes and it shows in his eyes. One who does not know him may call Torkatch bloodthirsty, but he is not. He enjoys the fun of toying with a prey; enjoys the power of playing gods. However feral he may seem, Torkatch does have standards. He will not harm a child, but has no problem scaring the life out of them. The crippled are to be considered useless until proven otherwise. Living things are to die, but when they do, it should be quick unless there is a specific reason otherwise. Lastly, do not push the gods.


Torkatch grew up in Ravok under his father's stern care. He learned to dislike almost all forms of authority and showed it in multiple ways, mainly violence. After a particularly nasty fight, Torkatch was kicked out of the only house he had known at the tender age of twenty-two. With no where to go and a city full of enemies, he fled into the wilderness with all he owned on his back. Making a living was hard, but Torkatch had always been a very determined individual and soon adapted to the harsh lifestyle of traveling. To survive, and for fun, he began to poach animals. He had been known to do things such as hunting bears only for their nails or reindeer only for their horns.

Arriving in the Spires, Torkatch continued his poaching. The Hahk'Shatara, while on patrol, discovered an unused Bobcat carcass with Torkatch at its side. He was sentenced to being forgotten from the Spires. Nearly a year later, he stumbled upon the city again. The Hahk'Shatara proposed an uneasy truce; Torkatch would not come into the city or he would be forgotten again, and all meat from the animals he hunts would go directly to the city's food. Torkatch would need to take whatever he wanted from the corpse before alerting the Hahk'Shatara where the body was located. He agreed and the two separate sides have survived for nearly two years with the treaty.