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Tovan Frostfawn

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Tovan Frostfawn

Avian Expert and Leader of the Frostfawns
Date of birth456 AV (aged 67)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitlePavintu Janta of the Frostfawns
Animal Husbandry50
Wilderness Survival20
Gnosis marks

Physical Description

Tovan is on the shorter side in Vantha standards. standing at about 5'6. His hair is snow white due to his older age, and is kept somewhat short. He likes to dress warmly and is rarely seen without his eagle, Solas. Tovan's skin is tanned and a bit weathered with age. It is not without it's many wrinkles but the man does not mind. He knows all must grow old someday and embraces his age with pride.

Tovan is a wise man who is very quiet which other people sometimes mistake for coldness. Once he warms up to someone he is happy to tell stories of his life and about the birds he loves so much. Tovan is an excellent listener and many young Frostfawns like to talk to him about their issues because they know he is always willing to lend an ear.


Tovan, as well as the rest of the workers in the menagerie is from the Frostfawn hold. His father taught him about birds from a young age. On his sixteenth birthday his father gave him his first eagle. He named her Lunna and he learned all about the art of falconry with her. He even mated her a few times. He felt more attached to that bird than he did with anything else in the world. He trained with her tirelessly but he loved every moment of it. With her chicks he started a store in the menagerie. With the help of his father and brothers his stock grew into the wide range of birds he has today. By the time Tovan was thirty-one Lunna was reaching the end of her life. Tovan was devastated but he knew that Lunna had lived a good life. He released her into the wild to live out the rest of her days in freedom. After a few weeks Tovan decided to keep one of Lunna's chicks. He could not live without a bird by his side. He named this bird Solas in contrast to Lunna's more moon sounding name. Tovan still has Solas to this day and she sits on a perch next to him while he works.

In the Spring of 513 upon Morwen's return to the city of Avanthal Tovan was proclaimed Pavintu Janta of the Frostfawn Hold after the death of their previous leader Kayin Frostfawn. Tovan accepted the position with his usual quiet grace and oversees the Hold with a calm mind a helpful smile.