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Traveler Shelters

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The Syliran Knights have worked hard to make travel possible between cities and regions. In order to do this, they have built periodic traveler's shelters along some of the most remote or wilderness roads to ensure harsh weather survival and that traveler's tend to cluster up for security from beasts at night. The shelters are small, having cots enough to sleep four, wood stoves, and a stack of firewood. In the southern areas, the shelters are insulated against snowfall near the Cyphrus border. It is very routine for Syliran Knights to ride patrol up and down their established roads, and as part of this 'riding circuit' they check these shelters - replenish firewood, make repairs, and keep them in good shape. Anyone caught and convicted of tampering with shelters are automatically sentenced to harsh terms working on shelter building teams which build new shelters and repair old ones. Travelers are encouraged to use the shelters and replenish firewood when they use it.