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Trident of the Otani

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This multi-colored trident looks to be carved from living coral.

The trident chooses its owner and once it does, it cannot be touched by anyone the owner doesn’t wish it to. In the hands of the chosen, the trident feels smooth and cool to the touch. To those who are not allowed to touch it, the trident will scrape and scar the hands of the offender regardless of hand protection. In the hands of the chosen, the trident grants the temporary ability to waterbreath for up to 4 bells, once per day.

It also grants an animal husbandry bonus of 10 specifically for dealing with aquatic life. This means there is a 1D100 + 10 chance that mundane, aquatic-based life will not harm the chosen. The chosen also need not fear staying hydrated while wielding the trident; simply holding it for a few moments is equal to drinking a good helping of fresh water.

Once obtained, it cannot be given away or sold; doing so will cause it to lose all powers and abilities.


Trident of the Otani
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