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Image:Scroll2.png "As if the oppressive heat, wild nomads and barren sands weren't enough to discourage visitors, Eyktol has produced one of the most ill-tempered and overly toothsome creatures I have ever seen."
- Tenrir Brockis, "Just Stay Home: A Travel Journal"
FrequencySomewhat rare
Threat levelMedium/High
Major featuresbull like body with feline feet, a thick tail and a long toothy snout.

Tsanas are an apex predator in Eyktol. They tend to travel in herds and are omnivores, but prefer flesh. Most their hunting is done at night.

The animals are roughly the size of a bull with a similar body shape. Their feet are feline with thick padding and retractable claws, but these are tertiary weapons. Tsanas prefer to use their long thick tails to bat at prey and then snap at them with their long toothy snouts. The long snout is also helpful in snatching smaller prey from between rocks and sniffing out animals hiding under the sand.

Tsana skin is rough and thick, and mottled in black and brown to camouflage better with the nocturnal desert scape.


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