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Twilight Star

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A Spark Lost From The Vastimi Star On The Winter Solstace

Twilight Star

After the peak of the Winter Solstice, a star always appears in the southern sky that shines brightly for only one single morning. It appears at the twilight when the sky first starts to lighten and vanishes as Syna climbs into the sky and chases the light of all the stars from the sky. In the olden days, before the Valterrian, the star was called Vastimi which loosely translates into the Ancient Tongue as "Offspring". Due to its name, it has long been assumed it shines in some sort of remembrance or honor of one of Zintila's children.

Astronomers claim the behavior of this object means it isn't truly a star but is something far different; something unknown. While it briefly shines, Vastimi gives off sparks that fall to Mizahar in the form of true Skyglass. Skyglass, a material crafted by magic, is not found in nature. Traditional skyglass is transformed by the Constellations using Akarni, from meteorites that fall to Mizahar's surface. Pre-formed Skyglass only comes from Vastimi and only on one day of the year... The Winter Solstice. These incredibly precious items are called Twilight Stars.

Finding a Twilight Star is considered incredibly lucky and a blessing from the Gods. Twilight Stars are often passed down through families because they are rarely destroyed despite their fragile appearance. Looking like a carved three-dimensional crystalline star the size of an average man's fist, these beautiful objects have multiple uses. Hung in sunny windows as sun catchers, these stars often can fill a room with a rainbow of refracted light, even on a cloudy day.

Lofted in the high peaks of a ceiling, these Twilight Stars glow in the darkness and gently illuminates space all around them. They make lovely luminaries that can light up an entire room or guide a lost traveler in the dark of night home.

A third and often overlooked value to the twilight stars is that if one person holds the star and thinks about how they feel about something, another person can reach out and touch that star and clearly and truly see what the other person is feeling. These stars are precious, traded frequently within black markets and in back-alley deals.

There are many twilight stars in gameplay.

Current Owners: Moritz, Tazrae, Alice Weaver, Rohka