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Tysala Bursar

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Tysala Bursar

Bow Instructor of Wind Reach
Date of birth476 AV (aged 47)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleBow Instructor of Wind Reach
Weapon: Long Bow85
Weapon: Short Bow76
Gnosis marks

Tysala Bursar is one of Wind Reach's top instructors in archery, bowying, fletching, and arrowsmithing. She is the most sought after instructor of the Longbow, Shortbow and Crossbow in Wind Reach. Tysala is the head instructor of all levels of skill throughout the ranges. This sternly disciplined woman specializes in teaching Yasis and Chiets, along with a few serious Avoras. Her strict but fair methods of teaching commands respect from her students, above and beyond her Avora status. Tysala's willowy frame and piercing golden eyes are quick to point out and correct an archer's flaw or mistake, regardless of how small it is. Her perfectionist tendencies teach her students the most efficient precision of indoor and outdoor target work, skeet shooting, game technique and the proper evaluation of the student's weapon. Every other market day will find Tysala in her booth among her excellently crafted weapons along with a long sign up sheet for private lessons. Tysala Bursar is a perfectionist of her craft and expects the same of her students. Her terms are weapon trade exchanged for instructed skills.

Instructor Bursar is an ex-Endal and her relentless demeanor shows her natural leadership skills, despite her lessened status of Avora. Although Wind Reach lost an Eagle Rider, they gained a highly skilled bow instructor.

Tysala always has a quiver of arrows on her back at the ready and a Sontav on her arm. She's renown for her skills as an instructor and sought after for teaching by all castes if they want the best. She's a very busy woman in high demand, so pinning her down for a lesson is best done by reservation if you're not in the Yasiry. Instructor Bursar is an acclaimed Master who keeps her skills sharp, still occasionally riding with a few Endal friends on hunts. Tysala teaches Yasi students regularly, but any higher status must make an appointment for such an excellently advanced Instructor, and only in exchange for a well made weapon or quiver of arrows or bolts.


Tysala's Appearances