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The Ukalas is a weave of energy that touches all things from the stones of the earth, to the plants, to the animals, the very sky, and unto the stars themselves. The Ukalas even links planets to other planets in a giant web of interconnectiveness. Both animate and inanimate objects; the living and that which has never been touched by life are effected by it. This weave connects all things, and provides the power source for such things as gnosis and djed. While the normal life forms on Mizahar are not aware of The Ukalas, the divine beings that grace Mizahar certainly are. The Gods and Goddesses move within the weave, pulling their power from it and traveling along it, using it as a way to keep in contact with each other and indeed their followers.

The Gods and Goddesses call The Ukalas their home, and create within its essence whole places they then call their own. These secret places are strongholds and fortresses where the divine children take their rest and find their peace. When a new god or goddess is born, it is within the Ukalas that they come into being - whether newly birthed or having transcended their former lives. When a God or Goddess dies, it is just a simple journey home to the Ukalas that the Gods and Goddesses undertake. There they become part of all things once more, loosing their individual identities and desires. The Ukalas, however, is not a series of different planes of existence. It is one enormous structure that touches all things - bringing to the world the basic essence of the world.

Mortals and The Ukalas

Most mortals cannot see the Ukalas at all. A rare few can sense its presence and the interconnectedness of all things. Most of these individuals are of Chaktawe, Ethaefal, Jamoura, or Konti. There is a whole range of creatures (see Velispar), much like the Gods and Goddesses that live within the Ukalas. Some of these manifest upon Mizahar as well, though their power and forms are completely different than that of the Gods. The Alvina move within the Ukalas easily enough, though they are not completely at home there like the purely divine beings are. Sometimes mortals who are the children of The Alvina can stumble upon the Ukalas, but they rarely survive therein for long. Once second or third-generation children are born to bloodlines of Alvina, their connection to the Ukalas has completely disappeared.

Travel to The Ukalas

The Divine beings, Velispar, and other creatures who frequent the Ukalas can sometimes take mortals with them. Under such protection, the mortals often survive the journey and come to a whole new level of understanding emerged in the flows of energy that drive the world. If left on their own in the Ukalas, they will perish unless given some means of survival. Mortals can never pass into the Ukalas without help from something that is intimately connected to the Ukalas and familiar with its ways. Once outside of the Ukalas, a mortal who has traveled there might be considerably more aware of the interconnectiveness of all things.