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Universal Tool Belt

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This black leather belt contains a number of small, gold colored pouches, each containing a tool or implement useful in all manner of situations. Simply reaching into one of the pouches with the specific item in mind will produce the desired item. Each item that is used cannot be returned to the pouch and will turn to dust after use. The pouches will replenish the used items upon the rising of the sun the following day.

Items found within the Universal Tool Belt are:

  • Smoke bomb: Thrown to the ground, this little gray ball will break and fill the immediate area with vision clouding smoke.
  • First aid kit: Capable of treating a minor wound.
  • Lockpicks: A small collection of picks used in picking novice level locks.
  • Crying gas: A small, sickly green ball that, when thrown to the ground, breaks open and fills the immediate area with fumes that are highly irritating to one’s eyes, effectively blinding them for a few moments.
  • Grapple: A tiny grappling hook with 25 feet of Isurian Steel wire.
  • Throwing Blade: A small blade shaped like a winged creature that is perfectly balanced for throwing.
  • Cuffs: A small set of physical binders designed to restrain one’s hands.
  • Air bubble: A small, clear ball that, when swallowed, allows one to breath water for half a bell.

Once obtained, it cannot be given away or sold; doing so will cause it to lose all powers and abilities.


Universal Tool Belt
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