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Late at night, I saw someone outside on the White Isle, a tall, quaint person, but was not Konti, as he was, quite obviously, male. My heart started to pound as I followed him around the White Isle, dressed in my evening nightdress, made by my long gone mother. But just one step changed everything. A crack of a branch under my foot and he saw me. He beckoned me over, but I was scared. I thought that maybe he was Nuit. I strode p to him, to show I was not scared and he threw a green package at me. It was clothing, a hair band decorated with the finest, whitest feathers for miles around, a lamp which shone warmly and a pair of boots. I never felt so alive as I sprinted behind a bush to change. I did not know what was happening. I was feeling a mixture of feelings like melancholy, fear but also excitement, as my life had always been boring and I wanted to get away from my race, just for while, to explore the rest of Mizahar...