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Colombina - Angry? No, Misunderstood.

Colombina is one of the six founding members of Mizahar. Along with Tarot, Liminal, Cayenne, Gossamer, and Gillar they form the Founders Circle which created Mizahar in 2009 and continues to develop it to this day.



Colombina lives in a rather damp hole underground and ventures out to snarl at passerbys, go on target runs and buy shoes from Nordstroms. Occasionally, she gets degrees, because they're just handing them out these days. Approach with measured care and a sense of humor. If you have neither, approach with a taser.

Vital Statistics

  • Age: Mid-late twenties, don't judge me
  • Sex: Female
  • Status: Hitched (Sucker!)
  • Nationality: Badger, Irish, Italian
  • Location: California
  • Likes: Snarling, Sufjan Stevens, Makeup, English Lit, Flemish Art, knocking over toddlers when parents aren't looking
  • Dislikes: People who harsh my mellow


Feel free to ask me about any of the following, as I lovingly or confusedly fashioned them.

  • Symenestra
  • Chaktawe
  • Benshiras
  • Ethaefal
  • Eypharians
  • All of Eyktol (cities, wilds, npc's, animals, etc.)
  • Kalinor
  • Viratas
  • Yahal
  • Tanroa
  • Kelwyn
  • Gnora
  • Eywaat
  • Ano Cult