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User:Elveron Darksider

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Name:Elveron Darksider

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: About 25

Home: Syliras

Character concept: A wild, wicked person with a quest he dont know yet Wnats to discover as much about the world as possible. Have lost his memory, with only few memories left.

Personality: A pretty crazy persson, who at first may seem like a loner, but after the first impression, he feels more of a person with few, but true friends. Cynical and bitter. He takes advantage of his lost memory by doing things that is on top of his mind. After all, he dont know any of his friends or relatives, except his lost father Moug, so he dont have to feel embaressed if he does something crazy. Because of his loss of memory, he dont remember anything of the universe he lives in, and wants to find out more about the different species he encounter, buildings he see, and plants he hapens to walk by. He has a sharp mind, and a sence of humor. Naive. He knows that he must find the eye.

Apperans: Have blond hair, a short beard, an average human body, two wild eyes and very small nose.

Equipment: 1 set of cloth Clothing: Wears a grey coat, a green shirt, grey trousers, and a pair of robust boots. He also wears a black belt.

1 Waterskin

1 set of Toiletries

Food for a week

1 eating knife

Flint & Steel

His fathers ring

100 gold rimmed mizas

1 small tent (2 persons)

Skills: Wilderness survival (10 points) Creativity (10 points) Curiosity (20 points) Fighting (4 points) Charm (6 points)

Lore: Can mix some drinks, knows how to catch rats, good at repairing wooden constructions. Why does he know this stuff? He dont have a clue.

Languages: Fluid (almost, he has forgot some words): Common Basic: Vani Poor:Jamourian