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---------------------------Gillar- The Darkness of Legend----------------------------

Gillar is one of the six founding members of Mizahar. Along with Tarot, Liminal, Cayenne, Colombinaā€ˇ, and Gossamer they form the Founders Circle which created Mizahar in 2009 and continues to develop it to this day. Gillar is a sometimes quiet individual; always thinking about what to add, modify or develop next. Among his many contributions to Mizahar, he is responsible for the development of the Isur, Zith, and the Price List as well as work on many skills. He enjoys the darker side of storytelling; especially the more evil and twisted aspect.


Born in the Midwest United States, Gillar was something of a shut-in. He lived several years as a basement dweller and gained quite a bit of knowledge in the way of computers and role-playing games going so far as to accumulate a vast library of game books. Eventually he broke away from his more "nerdy" life-style and experienced the college life vicariously through his college friends. Immersing himself in the enjoyable things college had to offer without having to go through all the classwork, he got much of the partying out of his system before meeting his then-not-yet-wife.

Moving to the Pacific Northwest, Gillar eventually married a woman who would love him despite or maybe because of his numerous "unique" qualities. After so many years of living on the fringe, Gillar finally went to college. Finding joy and satisfaction in the field of teaching, he received his degree and certification in Elementary Education.

Now, living with his beautiful wife, their two dogs, horses, many cats and two birds, he enjoys the many things his life now has to offer while dodging the occasional curve-balls at his head.

Vital Statistics

  • Age: 30
  • Sex: Male
  • Status: Married
  • Nationality: American - Irish/German
  • Location: Washington State
  • Likes: Consistency, proper grammar, evil (not the "hey look, I am evil because I enjoy killing."), darker fantasy elements, education (I am a life-long learner), my animals, Tool (the band).
  • Dislikes: Improper grammar, Obama and his Democrats, most rap music (if you can call it music), most anime.