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Gossamer and Sunny at Long Beach, WA on a cold winter day.

Gossamer is one of the six founding members of Mizahar. Along with Tarot, Liminal, Cayenne, Colombinaā€ˇ, and Gillar they form the Founders Circle which created Mizahar in 2009 and continues to develop it to this day. Considering herself more of a designer and developer rather than an Admin, Goss (feel free to call her that) loves lurking behind storylines and weaving intense plots to her hearts content.



Gossamer is a forty-something small-town woman with a colorful history rife with science, art, and travel. Having a BS in Wildlife Biology and a history of a career in the soft scientists as a professional Wildlife Biologist, Gossamer particularly enjoys nature. She has worked with coho salmon, spotted owls, riparian and old-growth forest habitats, wetland restoration and numerous amphibian studies. She shares a small hobby farm with her husband (whom she loves dearly) and assorted horses, cats, dogs and birds.

Gossamer also considers herself something of an artist, writer, and game designer. She's won numerous awards at multiple educational levels with artwork, both regional and state wide. Since college and the long winters stuck indoors in Montana, she's always loved roleplaying with tabletop games. She ran a popular online MUD for seventeen years as well. Goss has had D&D Groups, played Star Trek, Star Wars, and numerous original world game scenarios ran by various friends for 'something different'. That's where Mizahar came in. It's something 'different' designed by a group of online friends to be original and welcoming. Artistically appealing, visually inspiring, and content-rich, Mizahar is designed for gamers by gamers with enough flexibility built in to allow for all sorts of personalities.



  • Akalak
  • Konti
  • Kelvic
  • Drykas
  • Vantha
  • Svefra
  • Inarta
  • Verask
  • Akontak


  • Syliras
  • Avanthal
  • Wind Reach
  • Kenash
  • Syka
  • Riverfall

Gossamer also has worked on multiple gnosis concepts, gods, and is particularly interested in furthering organizations as part of gameplay. While not actively storytelling in Riverfall, Mura or Endrykas, she developed the city concepts relating to those areas. Some of her monster contributions include the Glassbeaks, Snarlwings, Ivaski, and Velispar.

Vital Statistics

  • Age: 40 something
  • Sex: Female
  • Status: Married
  • Nationality: American - Bannock Shoshone and Manx
  • Location: Washington State
  • Likes: well-developed characters, dark fantasy, pushing limits, draft & sport horses, skillful writing, arts, crafts, fishing, rednecks, epic plotlines, chickens, western riders
  • Dislikes: Arrogant people, lazy writers (Bad grammar, spelling, etc), bleeding heart liberals, english riders, people who ask 'does Mizahar have guns?', and terms like Mary Sue!