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To be exalted as a role-player of astounding literary capabilities is not what I am here for, though this "profile page" or "description" may sound pretty, it does not, in any way, showcase my abilities to role-play. I am, indeed, still working on my RP skills, for now, I'd have to say I've been able to express my creative thoughts in RP adequately.

I'm sure none of you here at this website know me, so, why not introduce myself: I am Brendan, one who possesses the gift of "superior" intelligence. No, I do not consider myself better than anyone else on Mizahar, I am just smart, nothing more, nothing less. Though I may be smart, I'm sure many of the people on this site are annoyed that I should even express myself in such a fashion, since it's basically showing off. Well, this isn't how I talk regularly, so you shouldn't worry about it, I just thought it would be a nice thing to look at when your curious as to who I am.