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Kain Snowsong

Basic Information

Race: Human (vantha)

Birthday & Age : 13th day of summer 493 AV (17 years old)

Gender: Male

Physical Description

Kain is short and thin, standing at only 4'8" and weighing 90lbs. He has short wild black hair and lightly tanned skin. Kain is not very physically strong but unimaginably dexterous.

Character Concept

Kain is actually very intelligent and calculating but enjoys to put up a front for those who do not know him, who if asked would likely say he can be described plain and simply as a loon. But as crazy as he appears to be there is little doubt that he is an excellent musician. He has an affinity with flutes particularly and rarely goes anywhere with one. One habit of Kain's is he wears a straight jacket as a means of confusing others and entertaining himself. Though shy Kain opens up to people with time, but only those he truly trusts get to see his real self.

Character History

Kain was born and raised in Snowsong Hold. Kain never got to know his mother before her untimely death, and his father became very distant afterward. Possibly because of the lack of mother figure in his life or his poor image of a father figure, Kain developed a attraction to the same sex in his pubescent years. Feeling alone and confused Kain began to develop persona's to protect himself, growing most attached to 'Jester', a mad man. Currently the only person who Kain will lower his persona to is Layoda, leader of Snowsong Hold, who Kain feels he can trust. In 507 AV Kain's father disappeared altogether, at this point in his life Kain took little notice.

Training (Skills, Arcana, Gnosis, Lore)

Acting 10/100 Carving 10/100 Dance 10/100 Flute 30/100 Story Telling 10/100

Lore Masks

Language Vani Language Common

Equipment and Possessions

1 Straight Jacket (Heirloom), 1 pair black wool pants. Backpack: 1 water skin, 1 set of toiletries, food for a week, 1 eating knife, flint and steel. Flute


100 gm -30 gm (Flute)

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