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I enjoy puns

Neologism is a Assistant Storyteller currently writing in Lhavit. Upon signing his life away to be a devote moderator, he had earned the horrid reputation of being... perpetually happy or chipper. Although, he is under the illusion that he is a threatening entity that should not be approached unarmed. Upon meeting him it is clear that the latter statement is entirely false, and should be ignored.

Things About Him

Neo doesn't have a history or biography in the traditional sense. One summer day he simply sprouted from the bud of an artichoke flower. Upon seeing the wonderful wreck that is referred to as IRL, he decided to stay and rain havoc upon the citizens of Earth. It wasn't long after that when he found Mizahar and has refocused his creative output to mere writing tornadoes.

He started out as a JrST in Zeltiva. Although it didn't last long before Zeltiva became DS-less, which in turn made Neo city-less. With help from Gossamer he has been picked up by another RS, and placed in his dream city, Kalinor. But alas, the spider city was not to be the chimp's home and he found himself moving to write in Lhavit, briefly in Wind Reach, before taking a long hiatus to consult his identity with the artichoke Gods before returning to Lhavit once again.