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Purple Dove

Physical Information (Required)

Race: Kelvic Birthday & Age: 19 years old Gender: Female Height: 5'7" Weight: 115 Hair Color: White Blonde Eye Color: Black Built: Atheltic, slender.

Physical Description Character Concept

Personality - What are they like? She's of a peaceful nature. Very caring, very loving and fiercely loyal. She loves learning about herbs and trees, but not much else. She considers herself a healer, and not a fighter. She is not likely to start a fight, but will attack someone if she feels threatened or if her master or someone else she cares about is threatened. Ethics - What are their morals? Respects life in general more than anything. Likes - Are they addicted to war mongering or growing flowers? Not particularly into war itself, she prefers to heal. Dislikes - Do they hate Isurians with a passion? Why? She doesn't feel one way or another, for she hasn't personally come into contact with them.

Character History (Optional But Recommended)

Pre-Creation - Purple Dove was born of a long Kelvic line. The first of her family members were created by Kelvic in order to spy for him. He felt as though their appearance, as doves, a symbol of peace, would get others to see them in their animal form, as a good thing, as opposed to what they were, spies.

Post Creation _ She struggles to find her place in the world, going from master to master. They always seem to meet an untimely end.

Training & Skill Points (Required)

Hunting Shapeshifter (Spy) Healing Amazing Sight

Equipment/Possessions (Required)

1 Set of Clothing (White dress and brown suede boots) 1 waterskin 1 backpack: brush, soap. Food for a week 1 eating knife Flint/ Steel. Ledger (Required) 100 gold mizas