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Basic Information

  Race: Kelvic (Raven)
  Birthday & Age : 503 AV (7 years old)
  Gender: Male

Physical Description

Sable stands at 6'2" and 220lbs, he is muscular with a large build and fair skin. He has short charcoal black hair. His eyes are large and a dark shade of red. Sables shifted form is a small raven.

Character Concept

Sable is very inquisitive, constantly trying to take in as much as he can. He is very Closter phoebic and will often go into fits when in tight spaces or being confined. Also he is fearful of cats, this is less noticeable with small cats while in his human state but may occur more aggressively around large cats. Sable enjoys open spaces and reading & writing, a skill he learned while enslaved, but he has difficulty with larger words and his writing is often riddled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Sable is very loyal and is easily offended by disrespect to those whom he is loyal.

Character History

Birthed in captivity, Sable was separated from his mother at an early age and sold into slavery. It is during these early years the his Closter phobia takes root. His first and only master was a Farmer on the outskirts Sylira. Sable was raised as protection for Mr. Erikson's young children (Gabriel: age 7 and Miranda: age 5). Mr. Erikson trained Sable in the basics of hand to hand combat, as well as a few underhanded techniques, and the art of woodwork so as to help with the upkeep of the farm. Sable slowly learned the basics of reading and writing from Gabriel and Miranda as they learned. Several years later shortly after Sable had turned 7, he was released by Mr. Erikson.

Training (Skills, Arcana, Gnosis, Lore)

Grappling 20/100 (20pts Starting Package) Hand to Hand Combat 20/100 (20pts Starting Package) Hunting 10/100 (10pts Racial) Reading 5/100 (5pts Starting Package) Writing 5/100 (5pts Starting Package) Lore of Woodworking

Equipment and Possessions

1 pair brown pants, 1 large black cloak, 1 pair of leather shoes, 1 waterskin, 1 backpack (1 toiletry set, 1 weeks supply of food, 1 eating knife, flint & steel)

A Children's Book (Heirloom)


100 gold mizas

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