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My name is Sierra. I'm 18. I live in the Cyphrus region, wandering here, there, and everywhere. I have been wandering on my own since my parents deaths when I was 10. My parents didn't die on their own, they were killed, murdered, a cold blooded death sentence. For the 8 years I have been on my own I have never trusted anyone, I have lived on the plains with my hawk and a hunting dog that I found. My mother gave me a necklace when I was 5, and I have had it ever since.


4 years ago I bought a Nightwalker with the money I had gotten from people who hired me. When the people hire me it's for either killing someone, tracking someone, or torturing someone until they tell me something that the person who hired me needed to know.

I am from the Drykas race, but they don't care for me like family. They treat me like an outsider, a lonely child, and a unique. I can talk to animals, any animal. It was a talent my ancesters could do, and it's been in our blood ever since. I can read their body language but I can also talk to them, and they talk back to me.