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   *  PC Name’s Talos Titanforge Coglias
   * Physical Information (Required)
         o Isur
         o 48
         o Gender 
   * Physical Description

Talos is five feet tall and built like the rest of his race. Being a member of the coglias family meant that he would spend most of his free time body building and it shows. He has reddish brown hair and green eyes that off put each other noticeably. His left arm holds the mark of his race with its green he and over large veins.

   * Character Concept (Optional But Recommended)
         o Personality - As distant and cold as the rest of his race, until you earn his trust. When he warms up to you he's very respectful and helpful. He would put his life on the line for the person who gained his trust and would be hard pressed to believe otherwise. He loves his work and has a decent since of humor, for his race.  
         o Ethics - Help those in need, even those not of his race. Innocence has no race.
         o Likes -  Wood and metal working, other dedicated Isur, true friends.
         o Dislikes - Dishonorable people, needless destruction, the ocean.
   * Character History (Optional But Recommended)
         o Pre-Creation - Raised as everyone in his clan. He was taught all the fighting and exercise technique of his ancestors. He became a distinguished fighter quickly and thought there couldn’t be a better place to be in his life. One day he heard his father speaking with one of the councilors of the five and found out that the race as a whole was suffering under their own division.  That day Talos vowed to help his family, clan and race by venturing out into the world to find what would help everyone. Whether it be money, power or influence, he would find what they lacked and bring the divided houses together. Before leaving he approached his father with his idea and it was rejected promptly. His father didn’t think there was any possibility of successes and didn’t want the “boy” neglecting his duties as one of the guards. Talos knew after the argument, that his father wouldn’t consent to him leaving and so he would sneak out without them knowing. Hopefully he would be able to make amends with his family when he brought back news of his success. After packing his things he headed out for _____. Along the mountain passes his father stopped him and handed him a bundle of cloth with considerable weight to it. When Talos unwrapped it he saw that it was his father’s great sword, one that he had used in his earlier days of guarding and something Talos had always admired from afar. When he looked up from his new rearmament his gaze met his father’s and the man simply nodded then left. Talos fought back the knot in his chest and walked on. Ready to face what the above-grounders would raise against him.
         o Post Creation _ n/a
  • Training & Skill Points (Required)
         o Initial Skills

- Body Building: 10 - Armorer: 8 - Blacksmithing: 16 + (10) = 26 - Weapon smith: 8 - Brawling: 8

         o Earned Skill/Points 
  • Lores (Required)
         o Starting Package 

- Lore of Ore - Lore of Izurdin

         o Earned Lores n/a
  • Equipment/Possessions

- great sword (heirloom) - 1 Set of Clothing - 1 water skin - 1 Backpack with: - Set of toiletries - 1 week of food - 1 eating knife - 1 flint and steel

   * Ledger (Required)
         o 100 gold rimmed mizas 
* Thread List (Optional)
         o n/a