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Val Imsun

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Val Imsun

Gatekeeper of Wind Reach
Date of birth445 AV (aged 78)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleGatekeeper or Elder
Animal Husbandry52
Land Navigation (From the Air)13

Valtrrik "Val" Imsun has been given two ranks of Gnosis by Eywaat for his devotion to all birds. “Val” has trained the birds round the gate to fly about and come back if they see anyone, making him a very effective gatekeeper. Since he has travelled a great deal more than any other Inarta, “Val” has experience in the following languages:

Fluent In:

  • Common, Nari, and Vani

Passable in:

  • Tawna and Kontinese


Young Valtrrik was born and raised in the warrens, as he grew the Youthmaster realized that Val had a gift for languages and the bow. The Youthmaster gave the youngster a chance to bond with an eagle. Imsun and Val bonded over their natural curiosity of the outside world; which lead the two on many adventures and travels to foreign cities like: The Spires, Denval, Avanthal and even Sultros. Due to the fact that Wind Eagles cannot remain away from their colony for long periods of time, his language learning - however - has been restricted to those who visited Wind Reach due to the fact his eagle could not hold him long enough in any one place to get a good working knowledge of any local languages outside of Wind Reach even via multiple visits. He has traveled over Falyndar and even witness some blood-thirsty Myrians. As he and Imsun grew older, age began to find its way into his joints and eyes. A prime Hunter and Navigator, he slowly became unable to wield a bow or stay in an eagle saddle for more than a couple of days. Now as each year passes more of Valtrrrick’s skill erodes. However, he is able to teach languages and writing to people who wish to learn, and if they bring a little honey for the tea, Valtrrik shares knowledge of the world outside Wind Reach.


Valtrrik is a kind old man that favors to stay out of politics and be the lonely Gatekeeper. He has a gentle smile and a memory like a Isurian Steel trap. Him and his maginificant eagle partner Imsun have travelled all over Kalea and into parts of Falyndar and Taldera. He always seems to be hungry for news of the outside world and bed time tales of foreign lands. During the days he slips his tea and has Dek workers bring him food to the gate. During evening meal he travels up lift to sit with his eagle Imsun or tell tales of travel and adventure to the children. The only time anyone ever seems upset with the Elder is when market day comes and he haggles mean prices for the goods he wants. Otherwise he is content to sit, drink tea, and let the world come to him.