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Velis Igraal

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Velis Igraal
Date of birth269 BV
Place of birthEastern Suva
Date of death185 BV (aged 84)
TitleVelis the Wishcrafter

Velis Igraal was a Magecrafter who lived prior to the Valterrian. He was born in Eastern Suva not far from the capital city. He was an innovative and tenacious man who spent the early years of his adult life in service to the empire as a military officer. He was known to stand in opposition to the war with Alahea, a fact that became a driving force in his life after serving in the Suvan military and being tossed aside when he was no longer useful. He found new life and purpose in the work of forging artifacts that were both wondrous and terrible to behold.


Velis Igraal was born to a prestigious military family that had served the Suvan Empire as officers, tacticians and leaders for generations. As with all of the eligible men in his family he was sent off to be trained as a soldier of the empire when he came of age. Velis proved to be a headstrong young man ill-suited to the task of simply taking orders at face value. Seeing his potential for greater things his father saw to it that he was shifted from being a mundane foot soldier, to the Martial Wizard Society. If he would not serve the country as a regular man then he would serve as an irregular one. It was a move that would prove to be of great benefit to both Velis and the family in later years.

To observe his beginnings, none of Velis’s teachers would have imagined the path that he would one day walk. They would not have conceived the wonders that he would one day create. In terms of raw talent and magical affinity Velis could have been described as average. Starting out he possessed none of the shining brilliance of some of his peers. What he did possess however was something that at first caused him no end of trouble. He asked questions. What he lacked in raw talent he made up with his ability to think critically.

Velis eventually finished his training earning a commission with a specialty in Flux followed by skills in Shielding and minor abilities in Glyphing to augment the two. Still, he passed with enough skill to be considered war worthy. During the course of his training however he’d earned the ire of several of the more influential instructors along with very promising students. As a result the early years of his career as a war wizard were filled with abysmal assignments. Velis was assigned to a team, who for all intents and purposes, were sent on suicide missions. He was never expected to return…but return he did. Sometimes it was on the brink of death. Sometimes he and his unit returned very much in one piece. Always it was against the odds.

As a man thrust into the forefront of the conflict between Suva and Alahea, Velis’s experiences changed him. He made close friends. He lost those same friends. He bore witness to and committed terrible acts. He began questioning the worth of warring against Alahea in a conflict with no purpose other than total domination for the sake of war. He prayed to the gods for answers but none came. Why was senseless bloodshed allowed to continue? Why had none of the gods stepped in? What drove both nations to hate each other so passionately?

On the surface, Velis continued leading his team to victory fighting in the unsung battles that history wouldn’t remember. Until one such mission, the assassination of a ranking Alahean commander, went horribly wrong. The mission was a disaster with over half of his team being killed and Velis losing the use of one of his legs and the vision of his right eye. In the end the commander was killed but the cost had been steep. He returned home. By then he had little in the way of family to turn to. He could no longer serve the empire as a wizard of war. So it was that he would spend several years falling into a great depression searching for ways to give his life meaning again.

In time, Velis eventually surfaced again into the world as a Magecrafter. His reemergence was quiet at first but with time he caught the attention of many prominent members of Suvan society. He dove into Magecrafting with the same tenacity, passion and critical thinking ability that he’d display all of his life. There was a piece of him that had changed however, he despised the war between Suva and Alahea. While he kept the majority of his opinions to himself, there were those who knew of them. Still, he remained loyal to his country on the surface, if only just. Velis garnered a reputation as a man who make dreams into a reality. Rarely was he faced with a project that he could not achieve. He created many artifacts in his life. Some of those artifacts were used in an effort to push the war with Alahea toward its end, some of them were coveted things locked away and lost to time.

A great disaster would eventually claim the life of Velis Igraal and the lives of his apprentices. The exact circumstances are unclear but all that is know is that Velis was working a project that was reputed to be able to change not just the war, but the world.

Major Creations

Velis was responsible for the creation of a number of artifacts in his lifetime. Few of them are recorded in the annals of history, even fewer of those records survived the destruction of his laboratory. What little remained was lost with the Valterrian. He is an obscure wizard that modern day Mizahar would scarcely remember. Only in the oldest of places in the world might clues of he and his works exist. Of the objects he forged, three could be considered his crowning achievements.

  • Raiment of the Indomitable- A set of armor said to be able to withstand the onslaught of any foe, no matter how terrifying the power at their command. One was rendered completely and totally invulnerable whilst wearing it.
  • The Gravekeeper’s Heart- An amulet that was said to bestow immortality upon the wearer. It allowed one to retain their youth, strength, beauty, and most importantly, their life. One could live forever without having to resort to becoming an Undead.
  • The Mortal Thorns- It is believed that this was the project Velis was working on before he died. The details of what the Mortal Thorns might have been perished with him. All that is known is that upon the completion of the project, the world would not have been the same. Which leads one to wonder was it an accident that Velis died before the project’s completion?