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Vena/Varla Swivle

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Vena/Varla Swivle

Everything is within my web.
Date of birth480 AV (aged 43)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleSupervisor of the Department of Illusions

This man, or woman, is ever changing depending on what he, or she, feels is most beautiful for the moment. Vanity and self-absorbed describe him/her very well, and he/she knows this to be true. Never has the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" fit so well for a single person, but for Vena/Varla beauty can take many forms. To the supervisor, looks hold an important meaning, but so does information, and her/his web is a tight weave.



The supervisor of the Department off Illusions embodies the very aspect and personality of the department itself, every changing and fantastic to the end. Vena/Varla Swivle is a man/woman with many faces, but unlike the department head he/she does not just change his/her features alone. Swivle’s appearance changes not only in basic features, but his/her very race and gender as well. It is not completely certain why he/she does this, but some speculate that it is connected with his/her own personal concept of what beauty is. Depending on the form and gender the Supervisor goes by either their male/female name, and any who call the Supervisor otherwise are quickly straightened out.

Symenestra Form

When in the guise of a Symenestra the Supervisor takes on the female gender, and thus goes by the name Vena. Her skin is pale and almost paper thin, allowing her spidery veins to be seen if given close inspection. Vena’s hair falls in curly black locks, the color of spilt ink, around her shoulders, framing her high cheekbones and pointed chin. The Supervisor’s eyes are golden like the purest ore, and they pear at whomever is speaking as if she were searching for something in particular in their appearance.

Her long, delegate limbs are held with a natural grace that is common among other Symenestra, and Vena keeps her nails long and sharpened to a point, not afraid to run them over a person’s cheek in threat. When in this form her wardrobe ranges from fine robes of her office, to elegant dresses of various patterns and design. Vena especially likes clothing of expressly beautiful patterns and colors, and she loves to show off her latest fashion.

Though it is known by very few, this is Vena’s true form, and it is the form that she wears most often. It may be possible for those who have known her for many years to discern this for themselves it is not likely. Vena is as comfortable in her other forms as she is in the shape she was born in, and if her act was discovered it would most likely be due to how often she spends in one form or another. Again, this is not very likely, and only the Head of the Department of Illusions knows for certain of her true identity.

Isur Form

When in this form Swivle takes on the male gender, preferring to be referred to as Varla. His height is at a mere 5’1, a bit taller than most Isur, but this is more of a personal preference for the rather vain Supervisor. His skin is the color of pale marble with a slight tint of blue, and veins of silver criss cross with abundance across his body, especially across his arms and back. Like all of the Isur race, Varla’s left arm is different from his right, but the man has altered this slightly to make it look more like polished diamond than a normal gem.

The Supervisor keeps his waist length hair tied back into a ponytail, sometimes braiding it and adorning it with polished stones and gems. Varla’s hair is a solid black, tinted blue with several veins of silver running the length from scalp to tip. Unlike most Isur, the Supervisor keeps a closely shaven beard, more like bristles than an actual beard, and it is tinted blue as well. In order to satisfy his insatiable need for individuality and beauty, Varla has also made his eyes a shining sapphire color, once more a reflection of his own vanity.

When wear the face of an Isur the Supervisor often goes without a shirt, displaying his rippling muscles and sculpted abs for all to see. When the situation calls for it he does wear fine clothing of dark colors, usually black or a dark blue, and he always keeps them pressed and free of any filth.

Charoda Form

When in the form of a Charoda, Swivle takes on the Female Gender and goes by Vena. Her skin is a deep, sea green that almost shimmers in the light, perhaps due to the Supervisor’s vanity rather than the Charoda’s natural skin tone. Her arms and legs are long and elegant, with the toned muscles of a swimmer. Her webbed fingers and toes make quick gestures when she speaks, a habit that Vena takes up when in her Charoda form, and her thin lips always have a small smile. The fins of her head are thin and end with an elegant curl at the end, almost looking like a headdress. Vena’s ears are always adorned with some form of jewelry, golden rings or ornaments of seashells and coral decorate the rest her form as well.

The Supervisor enjoys showing off the “Natural” beauty of her Charoda form, often going for the “less is better” look, and as a result her clothing is often a bit more revealing, usually consisting of clinging dresses with revealing slits in the front or at the thighs. It is not unusual for her to even wear some form of two-piece outfit, showing off the toned legs and sensual form of this naturally beautiful race. When in this form Vena also adorns herself with more jewelry, often made from seashells or coral.

This is also the form that the Supervisor takes the least, often choosing to save it for special occasions where she can show off for a particular crowd, or a particular person. Vena also avoids extended use of the Charoda form, as it is difficult to maintain when there is a lack of water present.

Akalak Form

When in the Akalak guise, Swivle takes on the male gender and is referred to as Varla. The most striking feature about Varla when he is in this form is his height. He stands at a startling 8’1’’, and his rippling muscles bulge from under his deep blue skin. Unlike his Isur form, Varla keeps his silver Akalak hair free, letting it fall about his shoulders however it may. The locks are wavy, tangled and give him an overall wild appearance. His heavy brow sets off his cold white eyes, giving him an expression of intense contemplation.

The clothing Varla uses for this form are all custom made for his large form. Though he would prefer to wear no shirt at all, the Supervisor makes due with a stylish jacket and no shirt underneath, using lighter colors to bring attention to his darkened skin and toned abs. Though the Supervisor lets most of the beauty of the from be from the Akalak’s natural look, he does wear a single golden chain around his neck, giving the Supervisor of the Department of Illusions a tough, and dangerous appearance.


Though Swivle’s form may change; his/her fundamental nature is the same. Whether man or woman the Supervisor of the Department of Illusions holds a high regard for beauty and fashion. In fact, the races that Swivle embodies are ones that he/she finds particularly “beautiful” in various ways. It is well known that the Supervisor is insatiably vain, and spends many hours choosing what form to wear and what clothing to adorn them with.

Fashion and beauty are certainly high up on Swivle’s priorities, but she was chosen for her position for a reason. Both cunning and insightful, Vena/Varla is the first obstacle any who wish to join the department must pass. Do not be fooled by her love of beautiful things and almost absent-minded personality, though she may not be directly watching, she still knows everything that happens within her Department. Unknown to any of the public, the Swivle has her fingers in many of the shadiest of enterprises within the city of Alvadas, and her information is very thorough.

Her specialty within the department is seeing through deception, and thus she personally handles any matters within the department if suspicious activity is suspected. Her eyes rarely miss a detail, and her tongue is almost as sharp as her wit. Trying to pull one over on the Supervisor may very well lead to… undesirable consequences.

Of course, depending on the gender Swivle is currently in, his/her tendencies are slightly different. When male he will have a wider stride, firmer shoulders and sit in a more relaxed fashion, over all take on more male tendencies. When female she will be more prone to flirtations and seductions, using her body to get her way at times. These are the only real changes in her personality however, and they are natural ones at that.