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Please note that Mizahar has no villages, small settlements, or permanent encampments outside of the named cities on the map.

There might be an occasional fortified Inn alongside The Kabrin Road to resupply travelers or caravans.

The Kingdom of The Isur have outposts throughout Kalea connected by tunnels that support small settlements which are in place for gathering resources of interest (such as mining operations or food growth). There are rumors of barbarian civilizations in the far flung lands of Kalea and Taldera, well away from known populations. But these are, in fact, not substantiated at this time.

There will be found small encampments of people moving about, especially in Endrykas, where pavilions often set off on their own away from the main moving tent city.

People can be found traveling north and south through the wilderness to and from Ravok from Syliras, and from Zeltiva to Nyka. However, there are no actual roads linking these population centers together. Thus old campsites are common especially in travel zones.

Pre-Valterrian, Mizahar was littered with villages and small towns. There were even farming settlements. These are still found in the form of ruins throughout the world.