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Viola Glen

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Viola Glen
RaceHuman (Nykan)
Date of birth471 AV (aged 52)
Place of birthNyka
TitleOwner of the Garden in the Flaxen District
Unarmed Combat36

Unable to pass the Monk entrance exam despite unending devotion to Laat, Viola eventually settled for a life utilizing other talents. She tries to be sweet to customers, but can sometimes come off as cold, especially around her slaves. Viola is creative in her cruelty: each slave is named upon their arrival based on a perceived flaw or weakness, something Viola has quite the knack for. What she calls ‘highlighting their weaknesses so they can overcome them,’ actually amounts to another method of chiding and insulting them. She uses a system of degrading punishments (solitary confinement without clothes, starvation, dowsing with cold water, forced standing) instead of violence to keep them obedient, as well as snide banter that typically equates to future punishment.

Credit to Ezra Crenshaw