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The Viratassa is a book of some of the teachings of Viratas, written by the god himself. It is quite brief and occasionally vague. All Symenestra would have one or several copies, and many have committed it to memory.


Please note, this is a work in progress.

"Spilt blood cries out to me. It speaks of life and death. It sings of sins and blessings. Every drop is precious, but not all cries are holy."

"By nature, by love, by creed, by the will of gods the chains of blood are made. Cursed is the creature who severs them in selfishness."

"The life of the body is in the blood, and it is the blood that binds the soul and flesh. For by blood comes atonement and mercy."

"It is blood that keeps a creature from the agony of solitude. Isolation is lost in the offering and acceptance of blood's sacred chain. This chain may be heavy or light, but it is not one of bondage. Even its greatest weight is made bearable by the many hands that lift it.”

"Honor the chains you have begun and the kin who nourished you in your youth. There is no connection without surety and no strength without dedication. One who dishonors his ties makes his bed on the water."