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Vizerian Clan

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Vizerian Clan

Vizerian Clan: Izurdin is Life
Height5' both male and female
WeightMales: 200-250lbs, Females: 150-200lbs
Lifespan200 years
Major featuresPale blue skin veined in silver, bluish colored, metallic/gemstone arms
AbilitiesNightvision, dense flesh and bone, innate crafting ability
PopulationAround 3,000
Most common inPrimarily in the mountains of Kalea, Vizerian Clan Citadel
ReputationFanatically religious, teachers and law enforcers
Racial godsIzurdin, God of Strength, Patience and Industry

The Vizerian Clan is a zealous clan baring a strong love for religion. This devotion sometimes creates conflict as some of them feel it should give them more sway in the Council of Five than the other clans. As a whole, the Vizerian do carry a strong respect for law and order and thus they are often found in related positions. It is members of this clan who were able to rescue fragments of ancient knowledge and crafts from their ancestral home before its destruction during the Valterrian. Now afraid of the implications such items could have on the rest of their society, these artifacts are hidden deep within their clan citadel and locked away from even their own members.



The Vizerian clan was founded ages ago by a member of one of the early generations of Isur, Lord Carnos Vizier Vizerian. Carnos was an unusually devout individual even for an Isur. His lived his entire life as if his very existence was meant only to serve Izurdin. A master blacksmith, he devoted every bit of work, no matter how minor, to Izurdin and when he wasn’t in the forge, he was teaching and leading others in becoming closer to the god. His teachings brought the early families of Isur together and were essential to the formation of the clans as they are known today. Those same teachings are still considered the word of law among the Isur as a race and have become a doctrine for the lives of most Isur. Before the Valterrian, the Vizerian clan facilitated the Holy Forge, the center of all Izurdin-based religion. People of all races, not just Isur, frequented the Forge and received guidance from Vizerian priests in the ways of Izentor, Izurdin’s Gnosis. Vizerian priests could be found across the Isurian Kingdom as well as throughout the human lands spreading the teachings of izurdin. While Isur of all clans worked to carry Izurdin’s teachings across Mizahar, the Vizerian clan found the most success. During the Valterrian and the destruction of the Isurian Kingdom, the Vizerian fought to maintain faith in Izurdin in the darkest of times. They preached patience and having faith that Izurdin would provide them with the opportunity for the strength to overcome the greatest of disasters. While not all of the clans maintained their faith, those who did persevered and found their way into the old Kitrean mountains where a new kingdom and new life was established. Perhaps even greater than their drive to maintain their race’s faith during the destruction wrought by the Valterrian, the Vizerian clan brought with them from the old kingdom, whatever treasures they could salvage from the Holy Forge. Thus it is the Vizerian clan that currently possesses perhaps one of the largest collections of pre-Valterrian artifacts left in the world. Though there are few left with the knowledge needed to understand many of these artifacts and what remains is fragmented at best, these artifacts are thought to be key to the eventual rebirth into greatness for the entire Isurian race.

Vital Statistics

Physical Appearance

Like the rest of their race, Vizerian Isur tend to be rather short, tallest of five feet. They are very fit with a muscular build that makes them more imposing that their height would otherwise dictate. Males weigh between 200 and 250 pounds with females weighing between 150 to 200 pounds. Their skin is very skin as is their bones making them heavier than their stature would otherwise dictate. Their skin carries a slight blue tint with raised silver veins running across it. Like all Isur, those of the Vizerian clan keep their hair short and those with longer hair almost always tie it back. The Vizerian arm, left for males, right for females, is denser in skin and bone than the rest of their body and is colored some variation of blue. Appearing as bluish gemstone or metal streaked with silver veins, these arms are divine in origin as they are in themselves, the first gnosis mark of Izurdin. Dense enough and baring an iron grip, their hand and arm is capable of shaping metal and carving stone and wood. Like other Isur, when faced with physical combat, Vizerian Isur often use their arms as shields in combat and have been known to grab bare blades without suffering harm.

Traits, Outlook and Values, Etc.

While sharing traits common to all Isur, those of the Vizerian clan are more religious than their kin. They often decorate their body in religious symbols aligned to Izurdin and will only wear jewelry infused with Izentor. Though cold and withdrawn when it comes to non-Isur, Vizerian Isur are less so than their brethren especially when it relates to those who show interest in learning about Izurdin. False interest however brings dire results as the Vizerian do not tolerate anything remotely close to blasphemy. Always quick to engage in religious and philosophical discussion, Vizerian clan members are also strict enforcers of Isurian law. Their adherence to the law is such that they have been known to interpret it literally and often with little mercy though their sense of honor remains.

General everyday life of Vizerian Isur involves religious devotion. Each morning begins with a prayer for strength and patience. From there, like most Isur of the Kingdom, the day continues with engagement in some form of craft or industrial endeavor. With the Vizerian however, they turn it all into a religious devotion by mixing in numerous prayers and blessings. Each meal is a ceremony of some kind, be it minor or complex. No Vizerian will pass up some amount of time, often significant, spent at the Holy Forge or at the very least in their own personal shrines which all families of Vizerian house in their dwelling.

he Vizerian Clan is primarily devoted to Izurdin among all other gods or goddesses. That said, many do hold low level marks from others but most never get more than one with some getting two. Vizerian clan members are the ones most likely to have the third mark from Izurdin compared to the other clans. This isn't to say they are the only ones, just that their are more of them in this clan than the others. Common low level marks include those from Avalis, Eyris and Semele although they aren't exclusive. None would dare openly display marks from the darker gods such as Rhysol, Krysus or Vayt or any of the other dark gods as such a thing is seen by the clan as blasphemous toward Izurdin.

The artifacts that they brought from the old city are buried in a hidden vault somewhere in the new kingdom. Only a handful of Vizerian members know of its existence though the location remains hidden from all.

A large number of Izurdin's priests and priestesses come from the Vizerian clan due to their fanatical nature and primary operation of the Holy Forge.